Sample Environment

In addition to offering access to a wide range of conventional laboratory tools for the preparation and characterization of soft matter samples, the PSCM contributes also to the in-house development of specific setups and technologies aimed at a more efficient use of the ILL and ESRF large-scale instruments allowing the users to perform experiments under complex conditions. For example, we are implementing a 3D-printing facility used to produce e.g. sample holders, compact experimental cells, and advanced microfluidic systems of interest for soft matter, materials, and life sciences. We are also specializing in the development of cryogenic and nano-scanning sample environment for the biophysical investigations of cells and soft tissues. We also optimize atomic force microscopy nano-mechanical operation modes with applications in e.g. thin films and wood science. Finally, equipment is under development to study a broad variety of systems under controlled humidity conditions, high hydrostatic pressure or shear load. The in-situ combination of laboratory methods with the large scale instruments is also developed, e.g. light or X-ray scattering, infrared spectroscopy, ellipsometry, QCM-D and rheology.