Given the importance of polymers in our worlds, it is appropriate to define our time as the Age of Polymers, in analogy to the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age. At the PSCM, polymers play a very important role, and we investigate the behaviour of polymer blends, polymer solutions, polymer coatings, microgels, and mixtures of polymers with other colloids such as surfactants and nanoparticles. In particular, the response of polymer-based systems towards external stimuli such as temperature, pressure, or pH, is explored. In addition, we investigate for example the spontaneous organization of copolymers into complex nanostructures, explore the effect of polymers on physico-chemical phenomena such as biomineralization and nanoparticle growth, and optimize polymer-based inks for 3D-printing. We also support the micro/nano-structural investigation of biopolymers such as starch and cellulose, and of high performance materials such as Peek and Kevlar micro-fibers.