Tim Salditt

Tim Salditt studied physics in Munich and in Grenoble. He was one of the first users of ESRF in 1993 before he received his PhD from the University of Munich in 1995. Since his Postdoctoral work at Santa Barbara, he is interested in unraveling the structure and interactions of biomolecular systems, with increasing complexity, starting from model systems to the three-dimensional structure of tissues.  After two years as an associate professor at Saarland University, he has accepted a full professorship at the Institute for X-ray physics (IRP) of the University of Göttingen in 2002, where he developed coherent X-ray imaging based on near-field holography with waveguided beams.

 Today, the Salditt group investigates soft matter and biomolecular assemblies, from the molecular scale to the level of organelles, cells and tissues. Within the PSCM, they will study structure and interactions of synaptic vesicles, and shed (‘X-ray and neutron’) light on membrane docking and fusion. To this end, they will use X-ray and neutron small-angle scattering in vesicle suspensions, as well as near-field holography.

Photo: ‘Alignment of an X-ray optic’

Photo Credit: Markus Osterhoff, IRP