Michael Gradzielski

Michael  Gradzielski studied chemistry at the Universität Bayreuth, Germany, and  received his PhD there in 1992 (Prof. H. Hoffmann). After a post-doc at the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique at the Ecole Normale  Superieure, Paris (Prof. D. Langevin), he obtained his habilitation for  Physical Chemistry at the Universität Bayreuth in 2000. Since 2004 he is full professor for Physical Chemistry at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. 

The  research work of the Gradzielski group is concerned with the  physico-chemical characterisation of the properties of colloidal  systems, with a focus on their structural characterisation and structure-property  relations. The main goal of the PSCM partnership is the investigation  of such complex colloidal systems, in particular ones based on biopolymers, by means of neutron and X-ray scattering as well as the suite of complementary techniques available at  the PSCM. Development in the field of pressure-responsive systems is  carried out.