Quartz Crystal Microbalance Q-Sense E4

The QCM is a mass sensing device with the ability to measure very small masses changes on a quartz crystal resonator in real time. It is possible to measure mass changes as small as a fraction of monolayer or single layer of atoms. As the second generation of Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) from Q-Sense, the E4 offers the opportunity to study molecular interactions and molecular adsorption to many different types of surfaces. Applications include proteins, lipids, polyelectrolytes, polymers and cells/bacteria interacting with surfaces or with previously bound molecular layers.

The instrument determines the mass of very thin surface bound layers and simultaneously gives information about their structural (viscoelastic) properties. It is based on the patented QCM-D technique, an extremely sensitive and fast technique providing multi-frequency and dissipation data that are needed to fully understand the state of molecular layers bound to the sensor surface.