Microscope Olympus BX50

The BX50 is an upright microscope used for brightfield and polarizing microscopy. This transmission microscope is equipped with a 360° manual rotational and XY scaled stage, 3 objectives and a CMOS 5 Megapixels camera. The camera is control via the image acquisition software Toupview.
The objectives mounted on the turret are described in the following table:


Serie Magnification Numerical Aperture Working Distance (mm)
UPlanFI-10 10 0.30 11.0
LCPlanFI-20 20 0.40 3.1
LCPlanFI-40 40 0.60 0.5


The microscope can be equipped with a Linkam temperature controller T96 and LNP96 and stage LTS420. The stage LTS420 is design to work between -196 and +460C with a maximum heating rate of 40C/min. The XY manipulator is design to received standard microscope slide (26x76mm) with XY travel of 15mm.