AFM-Cypher S Asylum Research

Thanks to its built-in features, the Cypher-S provides significant easiness of use and performance benefits for imaging topography, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties in air and liquids.

Instrument Features and proprieties:

Standard Scanning modes :


SpotOn™: automated laser alignment for an easier positioning of the laser spot on your cantilever.

Laser spot size: 3μm enable high-speed AC imaging with ultra-small cantilevers. *

Scan size XY: 30μm

BlueDrive photo-thermal excitation for AC imaging. 

Integrated enclosure: allows for 0.1° thermal control and 20dB acoustic isolation.


* In general, using ultra-small cantilevers, you can record images in liquids at the speed of one second per image on biological molecules fixed on mica.

 Produces an almost ideal cantilever response in liquids by directly exciting photother

mally the cantilever.